We advise on all forms of commercial agreements with sector specific expertise across all the sectors and related regulatory regimes.

With our sector approach our lawyers have a deep understanding of the relevant businesses and understand the key business drivers, so that we can manage risks, and address the challenges of your day-to-day business and foster strategic relationships.

Our clients highly appreciate our approach not to work with one set of standard agreements into which the specific request and needs of the client are squeezed into whether they fit or not but by drafting agreements – if necessary from scratch –  that are 100 % tailored to the client’s needs and its specific situation. We are not delivering products from the bar but custom tailored solutions.

General commercial advice we can give includes in particular:
  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating all sorts of commercial agreements, including distribution (incl. e-commerce) and supply agreements, licensing, manufacturing and cooperation agreements, franchising agreements as well as outsourcing and offshoring, logistics, agency, marketing, advertising and sales promotion agreements.
  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating of general (sales and purchasing) terms and conditions, tailored to your needs and the sector you are active in
  • national and international cooperation and R&D agreements, Joint Ventures and long term partnerships
  • product liability issues including product recalls and defense against claims in and out of courts
  • privacy and data protection issues
  • foreign trade law and export controls

Our team includes lawyers fluent in Japanese, English, German, Chinese, Spanish and French. This allows us to read, understand and comment on documents in these languages without translation and we can also communicate in these languages.