We have been assisting major European financial institutions (banking and insurance), in all aspects of regulatory issues. In advising on deals, besides supporting our clients in traditional products, we have given advice to our clients in innovative products, such as a PFI project, real estate securitizations under Japanese and German law, as well as how to use Japanese assets as cover for the German special covered bonds (Pfandbriefe). Next to these international businesses, we acted as General Counsel for the Japanese subsidiaries of German car manufacturers in their retail sector.

General advice we can give includes in particular:
  • Assisting major European financial institutions (insurance and banking) in obtaining regulatory licenses for commencing operations in Japan.
  • Assisting a major European bank in corporate structuring and obtaining regulatory licenses for new products in Japan.
  • Advising a major European bank specialized in Government finance in relation to the first PFI (private finance initiative) project involving a foreign bank in Japan.
  • Structuring real estate securitizations and real estate finance transactions of foreign banks in Japan, e.g. complying with the Japanese TMK Act and German Investment Law.
  • Advising a major European bank on the evaluation of the risk structure of a local public sector bond issuer.
  • Advising German banks on the use of Japanese assets as a cover for special covered bonds to be issued according to the German Bond Act (Pfandbriefgesetz).
  • Advising a German Bank on the German “bad bank” legislation enacted in 2009.
  • Advising Japanese banks on the evaluation of loan securities under German law.
  • Acting as General Counsel for a leading global car finance company regarding its Japanese corporate, finance and contract matters including the establishment of comprehensive floor plan documentation.
  • Advising Japanese subsidiaries of major German manufacturers on the securitization of loans in the retail sector.