Real Estate

Real Estate has always been one of the most notable areas of investment in terms of security and returns. Despite the recent financial crisis, which shook the real estate investment market, this market has not only recovered, but supersedes in some areas the all-time highs it had before the crisis. In particular Japanese investors become more and more interested in European (and in particular German) real estate and on the other also Japanese real estate in prime locations attracts foreign investors. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that the investment share of foreign entities has dramatically increased during the last few years and many consider Tokyo as the top market in the Asia-Pacific region for real estate investment and development prospects in 2016.

Apart from investments, conducting business in another country often requires the purchase of land (for example in case of renewable energy projects), office buildings or other necessary infrastructure objects. We are familiar with all type of real estate investments ranging from residential to all kinds of commercial real estate in Japan and in Germany.

May it be for investment, development or purchase, our firm is the right partner to support you in your transactions. We advise international investors on the purchase (asset or share deal) or financing of real estate in Japan and Japanese investors on the purchase of real estate in Germany. We also can help you to find and purchase the right real estate for your business projects in both countries.

In Japan, the typical structures for real estate investment are either (i) silent partnerships in from of a TK-GK (Tokumei kumiai-Godo kaisha) or (ii) special purpose vehicle structures in form of a Tokutei mokuteki kaisha (TMK).

How we can help:

  • Drafting, review and negotiation of all respective lease, sale, purchase and building agreements
  • Setting-up real estate investment funds in Japan and Germany
  • Setting-up real estate investment trusts in Japan (REITs)
  • Setting-up investment vehicles to acquire real estate in Germany and Japan in a tax efficient manner
  • Legal Due Diligence including in particular reviewing the legal status of land (e.g. in order to identify encumbrances, mortgages and other problems)
  • Analyzing existing or setting up of new investment schemes
  • Real Estate Finance Advice
  • Securitization Advice
  • Advice on land specific regulations (e.g. land use rules)