Renewable Energy

Renewable Energies play an ever more important role in Japan, especially since the 2011 Fukushima disaster. They present interesting investment opportunities for foreign investors. Also in Germany renewable energy is the central pillar of the energy transition (Energiewende), that has been started after the Fukushima disaster and the legal framework still creates attractive investment opportunities. In particular German on-shore and off-shore wind parks attract many international investors. Germany does not only lead the off-shore energy growth in Europe but is also commonly considered one of the most important wind energy markets worldwide alongside China and the United States.

In Japan we are amongst the most experienced legal advisors in this sector:

  • Legal advice to Japan`s largest Photovoltaic (PV) Park
    We provide legal advice on the development portfolio of a German company building PV plants with a total volume of over 1500 MW. This includes the landmark project on the island of Ukujima with 480 MW alone – the largest in Japan.

We closely monitor the constant changes to the legal framework in Germany, namely the Renewable Energy Sources. Act (EEG), and in Japan, namely the Renewable Energy Act (RENA).

  • Renewable Energy Act (RENA) of 2015 and RENA enforcement order (RENA-EO)
    With our extensive experience in the field of RENA and RENA-EO, we offer a comprehensive review of recent changes to RENA in 2015 in English, Japanese and German. This review lays emphasis on two key issues:

    • Japan must meet its investment protection obligations under Free Trade Agreements
    • Japan must not weaken its solar industry just as China is on the verge of taking the global lead in Renewable Energies

Click on the following links to access our review on RENA 2015 in: English | Japanese | German

We have the expertise for a problem solution oriented follow up, comparing the Japanese rules and regulations with the European counterparts, especially the German model and its experiences.