[Seminar] “[Soon!] Recapping the Basics of “Brexit” and its Implications – a Legal Perspective”, presented by Setsuko Yufu (Partner of A&S, Tokyo), Ryuichi Nozaki (Partner of A&S Europe, London), Frank Becker (Partner of ASJ, Frankfurt)

Setsuko Yufu (Partner at Atsumi & Sakai, Tokyo), Ryuichi Nozaki (Partner at Atsumi & Sakai Europe, London) and Frank Becker (Partner at Atsumi Sakai Frankfurt, Germany) held a seminar in Japanese entitled “[Soon!] Recapping the Basics of “Brexit” and its Implications – a Legal Perspective,” co-hosted by LexisNexis Japan and the Business Law Journal, in cooperation with Atsumi & Sakai.

In the seminar they presented the further process of a Brexit, the legal implications on international business located in the UK and on the specific implications on various sectors such as finance, pharmaceutical and chemical as well as transport industry. They also gave recommendations on how to best prepare for the Brexit and minimize the adverse effects for the businesses.

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