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The question and its answer are two sides of one coin.

 We help you tell the gold coins from the counterfeits.

Our Services

Negotiations and Opening Doors - we 

  • identify low hanging fruits as welcome presents

  • build trust by developing mutual added value

  • communicate with fluency in the relevant local languages and industry terminologies

Structuring and Drafting Cross-Border Transactions - we

Implementation of Clients’ Standards – we

  • identify a partner or investment target

  • evaluate and optimize transaction alternatives throughout the entire process;

  • develop and implement negotiation strategy (including walk-away discipline)

  • document and implement your transactions making best use of your industry know-how

  • adjust your standards to local practices, without compromising their essence

  • confirm mutually accepted values as basis for the added value of the transaction

Renewable Energy

Digitalization, AI & IoT, Privacy

Food Industry

Automotive & Parts

Finance & Real Estate

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Automotive – Parts – Mobility – Transformation

Automotive Makers

  • leaders of German and Japanese Industry subject to accelerating change of products and markets

  • Markus Janssen and his team have assisted the restructuring of Japanese groups of European car makers since the late 1990s

Parts Makers

  • Are required to increasingly internationalize their businesses

  • Markus and his teams have assisted Parts Makers since the late 1990s

Mobility instead of status 

  • “My car” is gradually being replaced by “my ride”

  • ASJ is ready to support the legal implications of such change

Transformation: from product to function

  • The general trend of AI and IoT requires transformation of the “Maker” to the “Function Provider”

  • ASJ is assisting such transformation in automotive as well as other industries

At every stage of our cooperation, we carefully consider the characteristics of your industry, your company values and your way of doing business.

Understanding your Industry

Our approach:

Industry-focused legal advice based on a thorough understanding of your business.

Legal Advice for over 2 Gigawatt On-Field Solar Power Plants, set to follow-up with roof-top programs:

  • Pioneer since introduction of Renewable Energy Act in 2012

  • Advised on development, acquisition and finance of over 2 GW and more than 25 projects (including largest plant in Japan with 480 MW on the Gotoh Archipelago Island)

  • Supported negotiations for Fish-Windfarms

  • Co-developed Agri-Solar solutions

  • Supported double use of land

  • Actively following up on innovative roof-top solar and sustainable urbanity (including car-ports and commercial roofs)

Developed key to success of Renewable Energy: local business with local partners to be implemented with international partners in windows of administrative opportunities.

Renewable energy

Digitalization & IoT

  • Legal implications of digitalization driving industrial revolution 4.0 in all industries

  • Legal support for SMEs facing changes of production and consumption by IoT

  • ASJ supports successful IoT start-up

  • ASJ assists enterprises in maintaining and redefining their values from HR, Governance and ERP

AI, Privacy & Data Fair Trade

  • Research and lecturing on AI &Privacy as visiting professor at Beihang University, Beijing 2019 -2022

  • Develop concepts of Proactive Privacy Protection and AI Control

  • Preparing discussion at Tsinghua University on proactive AI Control with personal AI Angel

  • Assisting SMEs and individuals on Data Fair Trade based on Digital Market Acta and Data Service Act

  • compare Data Fair Trade legislation in Japan and China to EU’s DMA and DSA

Digitalization & IoT – AI - Privacy - Data Fair Trade